Straight talking!

If you are a straight guy and found your way to my site …


Bravo! Welcome!

Maybe you have just coincidentally stumbled upon this page and you’re wondering what on earth  40 gays 41 knights could be about!

If you do happen to be a straight single guy who is here via one of my gay mates, or one of his mates, I’m glad you’ve read this far. I hope we get to meet!

Putting together this site of my own might seem a bit far fetched, but I guess is just my replacement of online dating. A sort of a new vogue in that I’d love to meet someone through my network of friends, and why not via one of my gay mates? I like to think they have good taste!

Just in case you are worried or wondering if we do catch up for a date…

My Promises to You:

1) Your name will not be used in the blog 

*Nor my name. Of course Chardonnay is not my real one!

2) I see the best in people, and will only use words that are kind 

*Absolutely nothing to fret about. Just ask the 39 others!

3) If I am not the girl for you, perhaps I know the girl who is? *

*I really will have a think and do my best 

*I know lots of awesome single ladies!


We can all get carried away with finding the perfect One. For me, life is about taking chances, having fun, being grateful for the wonderful people in my life, meeting new people, introducing them to new people, being a good person, and seeing places with new eyes. And as I’ve got older, I’ve realised it’s about being myself.

To quote my friend Paulo on 40gays41knights (said in a very cute Brazilian accent)

“It’s about opening doors. Not closing”


So, thanks for giving something new a ponder or a go!


To find out more or just say Hi! …

Feel free to get my details from our mutual gay friend. Or you can contact me here!


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