Gay guys – A personal message from Chardonnay xx

Well hello sailors!

I’m so pleased you are reading this. Yay!! You love me enough to follow the link, and see what the 40 gays 41 knights fuss is all about.

You may have heard a rumour, that I spend a lot of time with gay guys?

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During this very time many new friendships have formed, many a dancefloor has been carved up. I may have even sprinkled my matchmaker fairydust on occasion…

Whether I’ve known you a year, or perhaps met just once… Or we catch up every now and then through friends, or have danced together a few too many times in Vauxhall…     Or, we’ve been together forever…

As Kylie sang, I wouldn’t change a thing!

I love London. I love my life. I love that I know you! Did you guess LOVE is the message?

W hotel LondonYou can read all about it in my blog. You might even see yourself in there!

And guys, I need your love too!

Know any straight single guys…?

  • Your workmate who’s always moaning about
  • The cute guy you’ve been checking out at the gym, who is in fact gay straight!?
  • Your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s friend’s uncle/nephew/son?
  • Your brother? (And WHY have I not met him before?!)
  • A guy happy to date someone with circa 40* gay friends, who writes a dating blog? (*numbers can be inaccurate at times)

Once you have confirmed the above, all you simply need to tell them is “I know a single girl who would be interested in chatting to you and meeting up!”

You can also let them know my promises, or leave this to me.

Will you be one of my Top 40 gays and find that one extra special knight?

Who dates? You decide!

Love and double kisses,

Chardonnay xx

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