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Sunny day in London by the Shard

On a night out in London, in the winter of 2002, I was named Chardonnay by a random flatmate of the boyfriend of a friend of mine (who I’d met when he dated my university friend). Keeping up? All of the aforementioned are gay, and the random flatmate is now one of my very best friends.

So I’m single, Australian, and yes do actually enjoy a glass of white wine! I consider myself very lucky to live in the fabulous city of London. I have truly amazing friends all over the world, and am a girl who loves an adventure.  Fun follows me wherever I go, and there’s always room for more.

What’s not to blog about?

For me, London is such a friendly place – my facebook friend count goes up simply on a night out. Generally speaking, they’ll either be new gay best friends, or fabulous single ladies (who have at least one gay best friend, and have similar luck in love!). I hope in one way or another 40 gays 41 knights helps you all!

Certainly in my life, my social world involves a lot of my gay mates, and has ever since my best friend from school announced he was gay. Gay boys are drawn to me like a moth to a flame! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Though I often get told “No wonder you’re still single, you hang out with too many gay guys”. “You’re a faghag, that’s your problem”. “Stop going out dancing in gay clubs!”

What? Stop hanging out with my friends?

“Have you tried online dating?” Well yes, I have. A couple of years ago. I enjoyed some fun dates, and met some nice guys! I even have friends with fantastic success stories. But right now it’s not for me.

Once upon a time there was the good old fashioned way for a girl to meet a guy through friends, and friends of friends. And this is what essentially I am all about.

My friends are my life!

And I’ve got the help of my “40 gay friends” to find that one extra knight….

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