A dating diary with a difference…


Chards Party

Yesterday, and the days before that, my phone rang off the hook! I could literally see a different guy every night of the week if I wanted – Theatre, films, dancing all night. A debrief on the night dancing, the theatre, or the film. Dinner cooked for me, coffee at the newest local café, drinks up the Shard.

Am I ever without a partner for a mini break? Nope. I have them lining up to go for country walks. I’ve accommodation in Paris, New York, <insert any city in Australia>. They’re even organising surprise weekends for me in Spain!

One small thing to mention, all the callers/diners/travellers are gay.

Now I LOVE my life. And I don’t do things by halves.  My 40th was fabulous. On a boat on the Thames – with enough sailors to sink a ship!


I had the time of my life. And I’m still having it.

I absolutely love all my friends and truth be told, I don’t want anything to change. Every time I think yep I have enough friends, more joy enters my life… by way of more fabulous friends.

The gay boys are like family, and all look after me in ways I am truly grateful for.  I don’t know what I would do without my boys! They are my knights. They make me smile, laugh, and god knows they’ve let me cry!

How on earth can one straight guy compete with the fabulous lot of them?

Well, at some point one of my “40 gays” I believe will introduce me to the guy who will add to my truly fortunate life, as that extra special knight 🙂

In the meantime, I’m blogging about life, love and the adventures. Thank you for joining me and my 40 gays!

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