Many a gay makes a knight

I know I bang on a lot about Gratitude. But I’ve been practising it a lot lately and have so much to be thankful for as 2015 has got off to a roaring start!

Um. No, I didn’t get a new years’ snog. I used to base my success on a good year ahead if this didn’t happen! What was I thinking??

Not very likely this year dear readers, given the New Years’ Eve party I attended was the most glam of the year, hosted by the most fabulous gay friends in their Frenchy chic apartment near Oxford Street. Avec roof terrace, fireworks, a casino table Monte Carlo style, magnums of champers, and I had not one but two handsome dates D&C.

Monte CarloWho are dating each other.

But what a happy new year it was! With friends, surrounded by good looking sorts, dancing, chatting (a lot, me). Making new friends, old friends, five more new (gay) Facebook friends….

Now it’s back to serious January mode. I’m trying hard not to party, to avoid making my cold worse, to kickstart my new business venture. Then… I get suckered back in to it. With no discouragement from my friends.

No dates have materialised in the 12 days of January, but seems there’s been more than 12 gays of Christmas around at my flat this weekend. Just when I get sad not having “someone special”. Well, I guess I learned that special comes in different forms. 

Like my darling neighbour RS up the road cooking me a restaurant quality meal on Friday night, cracking open the chilled bubbly on cue. Well, we needed to celebrate my first business deal, and the King going out of power in Sri Lanka.

The multi-talented Lee who just keeps on giving! He’s helping create ALL my admin processes for my new business. Voluntarily. He actually finds it fun! What What! I don’t know, but I’m grateful!

Then there was the articulate Professor M who came over for our long awaited #1to1 – giving me loads of helpful advice and his insight into writing, even chick lit! True story.

And just when I thought I was going to have to pull up the floorboards near my entrance as they wouldn’t stop squeaking, and were bouncing all over the place, handy Andy came to the DIY rescue affixing some pennies under the skirting boards. Now they’re squeak-less!

Most girls love the idea of having a gay best friend. I’m lucky. I have 40* (numbers can be inaccurate at times*) And look how talented they all are!

How can my knights get any better?

Lots of girls have a partner to cuddle at the end of the day. I don’t have this. But who has a  man who can (in one weekend) cook salmon to perfection, drip feed you champagne, sort out your new business’ administration processes from wo to go, teach you the ins and outs of novel writing, AND fix your gamy expanded floorboards?


As one girlfriend said when I recounted the weekend and all the wonderful selfless acts of gay boys’ help I received. “Oh that’s MUCH better. With a boyfriend they just sit there and do nothing!!”

They are one in a million my boys! They are my knights!

I know I’ve got to get back to the dating thing. I know. I KNOW! 

I have really lost it, haven’t I?

Not only lost the plot of the Blog, but is this a Blog that’s actually lost the plot?? 

Well, whilst you scurry for answers as to why my life is like this. How can I not get a date? Especially in that gorgeous gold dress! Given to me by my fabulous friend Joan! Joe. Joan. It’s all the same thing right?

And how has it come to this. That I am vaguely considering online dating again…? Shouldn’t I seriously be considering it!?

Amidst all this, I’m grateful. Oops! Said it again..!! I know that everything happens as it’s meant to. And right now through my days and nights, my gays and knights, I know I got the love I need to see me through.

And I think they’re happy too. They’ve got scones.

Gays  and scones


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2 thoughts on “Many a gay makes a knight

  1. Lovely post, Chards! Really made me laugh and smile – you’ve brought a ray of sunshine into my day – and for that, I’m very ….. wait for it…. grateful!… Thank you!
    P.S. Your Knights in shining Armani sound wonderful! I can see why you’re not in any rush to trade them in!! xx

    • Thanks Angela! Followers like you – make me … Grateful! Might have had some word finding difficulties hehe but it really was 48 hours of gaycare! Hopefully they’re not going anywhere fast! Xxx

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