It’s all about the online presence…

Already the third week into January and the most I’ve accomplished with my blog writing is one post, oh plus this one. Really I should be using my new found I.T. skills as I underwent some intensive website training last week.

The training wasn’t for this l’il ol’ 40 gays 41 knights blog site, but my new business professional site that I had designed. That’s a website I had designed by someone else. Not that I designed.

I was lucky, just after New Years I finally had the content written, so called upon the lovely Jason Kruger to wip something up for me. So I could at least look good. Look professional. Like I mean it!

Having a website for your business is just the thing now, it’s impossible really without. But when it comes to do it, though you know what you need to say, and have thought about it no end, in the end… well, it’s such a rush! But you need to get something up – the words saying just the right thing, the pics looking inviting and accurate, and everything else looking, well, swish.

And you start thinking of adding the most stupid things, and have mental blocks when you are trying to sell yourself and what you can offer.

Kind of like online dating sites, being a one woman business!

The “Home” page – introducing yourself and how many years you’ve been in the business. Or in the case of your online dating profile, how many years’ old you are, how many years’ single, where your home is. And a call to action – Get in touch, now!

An “About Me” – My life history in professional terms. It’s a colourful CV mine. Hopefully one wouldn’t go to town on a dating site for stalkers sure do stalk these necks of the woods. A simple ‘likes long walks in the countryside, dancing (classes or clubs), yoga and learning Spanish” and Arriba! That’s me!

The “How can I help you?” section, or in the case of online dating biographies – How fab am I? Why should you pick me?

“Services” – a drop down box or one that expands to the many facets of your offerings. Ultra important on a business website but perhaps we’ll skip online services button when dating, unless we are on

Professional Me

Then you gotta upload your best photos, which might mean getting your hair done, nice dress on, rather than that selfie with a London bus in the background. Ok that’s possibly cute and appropriate for a dating site these days. Is it?

I don’t think selfies were invented when I was last on but I do remember one guy just before our first date emailing me that he couldn’t stop looking at my photos. Mmm, that wasn’t awkward when we met.


“Contact Me… ” Well, in business – I’ll take all the calls I can get. And will answer every one! Online dating-wise.. perhaps this time I’ll give every poke or tweet or nudge a go this time. There’s no road map to love, and no map at least on my new site as to where I am based, being a remote office worker. Phew.

I’m not sure I’ve accurately portrayed online dating profiles as it’s been a couple of years now. A decent while since the Spanish guy I met online told me Date 3 he was ‘separated’. Then I found out a couple of dates later that he still lived with his wife.

Everyone tells you ‘At least if you meet online you know that they want to meet someone’… Well. Yes and no. Mas o menas…

But hey… Live, Life and Love! It’s about risk taking. No-one ever met the love of their life sitting at home in front of their computer. Oh hang on, yes they do frequently these days!


I know several girlfriends who had just about given up on love, gave online dating ‘one last go’ and now are married to the loves of their lives. True stories!

If anyone has any online dating success stories to share, I’d love to hear them! 

What do you think, is it time, (of course in conjunction with the faith I have in my 40 gays…) that I get back on the horse, to find my knight?

Or just go fishing?



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