No ordinary December

Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

Also when you’re resigning from work, partying some more, having yet another leaving doo, and going through the motion that is Christmas time in London. Oh and especially including hanging out with different gangs of happy and gay boys.

Many different gangs of gays!

It’s been a crazy month December. So much achieved but so much still ahead. I guess this is life! Are we ever on top of our party schedule? Let alone our life goals?

Christmas tree dressAmid resigning and finally finishing up at my day job a week ago, there’s been one party after the other. For some of the boys, their party is their one big party for several months. For me, having different groups of gay boys as my friends, parties have become like a weekend job. A job I don’t mind at all!

Starting with my very own birthday/belated housewarming at my own little flat, where the chance of seeing a straight guy was as high as Bob Geldof giving up on releasing Band Aid remixes. I’m overjoyed to have kicked off the Christmas party season, spreading the Christmas cheer (and splashing my white walls accidentally with remnants of the cosmopolitan fountain..) But hey, what’s the point of buying a flat if you can’t throw a party?!

Cosmo fountainThen it was the engagement party of two lovely gay friends – a joy to celebrate with them, in their west London divine apartment, and even meet some new (gay) friends living in my neighbourhood. Everybody needs good neighbours!

The following weekend there was the Travesty party. What is this you ask? Think big hair, 80’s fashion, and screening of a movie starring this group of (predominantly) gay mates – celebrating their birthdays and general fabulousness.

Travesty These guys are in North London. Yeeek!! So we made our annual trip to their hood, crossed the river and all. Luckily for us Uber Cabs have sprung into circulation in the past 12 months, making our journey easy, cheap and enjoyable. No joke, the cab driver offered my friend Ben and I chocolates and even did a magic trick with a card! Whilst stopped at traffic lights of course (they’re uber safe cabs)Selfie stick Christmas

Somewhere in here I got through three very large boozy work Christmas parties, and my work leaving doo.. Which saw workmates dragged along to gay bars late into the eve…  then, suddenly it was mid December – and the Christmas soiree hosted by my darling neighbourly friends David and Carlo. Just when you think all your own gay friends are fabulous, you meet so many more lovely friends of friend’s partner. And voila! Yet another ten new gay names added to my FB friends list!

Does anyone out there find it this easy with straight guys?

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might know it’s been quite a date-less six months, in the true sense of the word ‘date’. But that’s definitely not to say I’ve been lying at home crying tears on my pillow. Oh no.. I have options for company any night of the week. And time has wizzed by. I am a truly lucky lucky lucky girl, for more reasons than one.

Life in December has been hectic, crazy, uncertain. And totally gay.

But as Kylie sang ‘If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a single thing”

Ooops, is that the time? I gotta get ready.

Another party…..!

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