Dishes for me.. Save all the dishes for me..

I was standing by the sink tonight and thought to myself ‘God there’s always so many bloody dishes! Why is that!!?”

dishesThen I remembered the days of having a partner, and having a flatmate, and thought of course! One person cooks, the other washes up. It’s only every second night you have this darn mess to clean up.

That feeling returned – of sharing this time with someone special, having dinner cooked for me, or being able to relax afterwards, knowing that all would be cleaned up.

My heart went a little heavy. Just for an instant.

Having been quite keen to live by myself for a few years, when it came to buying my little flat last year, I was happy to buy a one bed place. Well, on my budget it was wise, actually the only option for a scaredy cat like me – a lower mortgage. Also so I’d not be tempted to fill a second room with a flatmate. (A man would of course be nice!) as I really really wanted to have my own space.

For the most part I’ve been happy. I’ve had so many visitors this year that I couldn’t possibly have had a roomie. But then again, the spare bedroom would have come in very handy actually for all the guests…

There’s a couple of issues with now owning a 1 BR in terms of meeting a man. Space in this tiny little place. But couples cope don’t they! My friends down the road have lived together in the same style 1 bed flat for almost nine years.

So I shouldn’t think it’s not impossible! (Or use living in a small flat as an excuse!)

I don’t know why I am writing a post about dishes tonight. And spare rooms, or lack of them. And complaining about a space premium in London.. I must be over tired, and going slightly mad after the crazy partying since mid November.

It’s a time, standing at the kitchen sink, to be truly grateful.

There’s been so many absolutely fabulous parties and nights out in London this winter. I’m grateful to have had non-stop invitations and have these beautiful people in my life to spend time with.

Get Taxi, Uber’s rival, has had £5 deals before Christmas to get me back from places like Balham or Wimbledon into central London (yes Camberwell counted as central). This is indeed a miracle for travelling by London taxi!

I’ve a toasty warm flat with a beautiful Christmas tree – here tis…

Christmas 2014

I’m a lucky lucky girl with so many friends who are also my neighbours to spend Christmas Day with this year. It really was special. And will forever be known to me as the 12* gays of Christmas. *12 is likely to be an under-estimation of Christmas 2014 at Andrew’s. And with strength in numbers, there was more PR of 40 gays 41 knights, and some excitement around a potential straight flatmate of one of the boys. (Potential date, not potentially straight. Yes, straight. We think)

12 gays of christmasI’m eagerly starting my new business venture. And have been overjoyed this year to find two lovely business mentors Sam and Judith…. the missing link when I last ran my own company three years ago.

In time for January, the website is almost up, and it is gonna be heaps of fun – involving networking, events, lots of coffees and wines, and importantly managing my own time!

Now doing the dishes doesn’t seem that bad after all.

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2 thoughts on “Dishes for me.. Save all the dishes for me..

  1. Chards, love your dishes blog. Can I tell you that even after 20 years in a relationship standing at the sink doing the dishes doesn’t get any better. In fact I think I spend more time there now eventhough we have a dishwasher (and a partner that hates getting his hands wet!). Rember the Palmolive – you’re soaking in it TV ad? That’s me!

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